LAJJC Regular Bre Stikk Set To Rep The US In Gi And No Gi This Fall

VerbalTapCast, YouTube

We have a lot of great individuals who roll through The Los Angeles Jiu-Jitsu Club, but we couldn't have been prouder of our pal Bre Stikk when she won the opportunity to represent the USA this fall at the World Grappling Championships.  

In the interview we ask her how she was able to accomplish the impressive feat of winning in both gi and no gi at this year's US Grappling World Team Trials, we find out how she mentally gets ready for her competitions, and discover what's coming up next for this prolific jiu-jitsu competitor.

Be sure to follow Bre on her instagram and hit her up if you're looking for a kick ass female BJJ practitioner to host a seminar or give a private lesson.  Remember, when you support Bre, you're supporting 'murica, so let's get behind her as she prepares to throw down for the US of A.

You can also donate to her GoFundMe for the World Championships right here.

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