PHOTOS: Jiu Jitsu At The Beach (4-23-17)

There's a lot to love about living in southern California as a grappler.  The number of high profile practitioners.  The relative ease it is to travel from gym to gym.  And, of course, the beautiful So Cal weather.  

One of the things we truly enjoy is being able to put together events like this that bring the community together.  No politics.  No egos.  Just a day of rolling alongside the beautiful California beach.  What you see here is just a small look at the people who make this community so great.

The event, presented by the LA Jiu Jitsu Club, was a six hour open mat and potluck — featuring a number of different academies throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  

Check out the full res photos below, all taken by our very own Octavio Villanueva.

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