Get To Know The Guys Behind The USSGL

Anyone who has even run a tournament will tell you, the art of making everything come together is truly a tough task.  Fortunately, when you are surrounded by a crew with a diverse set of talents, you get to take a break from working behind-the-scenes to do stuff like this every once in a while.

Yesterday we did a Facebook live broadcast from our homebase at The LA Jiu-Jitsu Club where we talked about our new tournament organization, The US Submission Grappling League.  Our new organization is the brainchild of a group of grapplers who see the current tournament landscape and want to give you something better.  

While you may know many of us individually — and may have even see us do some live Facebook broadcasts from the house before — this was the first time we were able to bring the whole gang together to talk about the USSGL.  In the video above, we outline our purpose, our vision, and even tell you a little bit about what drives us to put together a tournament that's worthy of your time.

If you like who we are and what we're about, we'll hope you'll compete at one of our two upcoming tournaments.  

You can register for the OC Open (May 28th) and the Fresno Open (June 4th) RIGHT HERE