blair green

Blair Green is a lifelong mat rat and spends his days thinking of ways to choke people.  He currently produces many of the top wrestling and grappling events for live television and internet broadcast.

He began his wrestling career at Victor Valley High School where he was part of the California State Championship team, and was an individual placer and State Champion.  Green went on to earn the distinction of 1st team high school All-American.  He wrestled at the University of Oklahoma and help create Lindenwood University's wrestling program, where he was a collegiate All-American.

Blair is currently the Director of Grappling for USA Wrestling in California.  He is a member of the Associated Styles Committee Nationally and works closely with the international governing body for United World Wrestling.  He also serves on the board of Pieces a Venice based art foundation for youth.

Green is committed to developing quality individuals through wrestling and grappling.



ANDrew Murillo

Over the past six years, Andrew Murillo has seen his jiu-jitsu journey go from a part-time hobby to a full-time passion.  Training under the tutelage of renowned 10th Planet black belt Alder Hampel, Andrew has embraced the jiu-jitsu lifestyle with a dedicated passion that can be seen on the mats when he competes and in the way he teaches classes. Andrew taught classes at 10th Planet Van Nuys, and recently opened a new academy-- 10th Planet Murrieta, where he is Head Instructor.

As an avid competitor on the SoCal jiu-jitsu circuit, Andrew has taken the demonstrated passion he's used to compete around the world and has poured it into his art — dedicating a great deal of his life to helping others get the most out of their grappling experiences.  It’s this commitment to the grappling community that drives his work with grassroots companies, such as the Mat Therapy Jiu Jitsu Collective and The Los Angeles Jiu Jitsu Club

And as someone who is committed to the practice of giving grapplers the best tournament experiences possible, Andrew has made it a personal goal to compete as much as possible as he continues his journey toward achieving his black belt and opening his own academy. 

Andrew is currently ranked as a purple belt and encourages all to come take one of his classes at 10th Planet Murrieta.



Eric Medina

The hallmarks of Eric’s grappling career — a determined work ethic, a competitive drive, and a humble warrior spirit — can all be traced back to his early days as a wrestler.  Eric started his grappling career under the guidance of his father, Phil Guerro.  During his senior year of high school wresting, Eric captured an LA City Section Championship.  Shortly after high school, Eric enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and embarked on a 10-year adventure that included deployments overseas, as well as military combat training and instruction. 

When he arrived back to the states, he continued his wrestling training at Moorpark College under the esteemed guidance of Paul Keysahw and Aaron Jackson.  Shortly after college, Eric walked into the legendary Jean Jacques Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy

Eric was recently given his brown belt from Jean Jacques Machado and has racked up an impressive grappling resume, competing at 3 EBI events and reaching the podium at Pan Ams and American Nationals (in both gi and no gi) — where he can be seen repping his sponsors Newaza Apparel, Triangle Kimonos, Iron Lion Soap, BJJ Ink, and the Verbal Tap Podcast

Hoping to give a new generation of grapplers the same opportunities he had growing up, Eric works closely with the Dream Jiu Jitsu organization and coaches alongside the Topanga Police department for Beat The Streets Wrestling in Canoga Park, CA. 

Along with Joey Hauss, Eric is a founder of The Los Angeles Jiu Jitsu Club.


Joey hauss

With a background that spans from his days as a heavyweight wrestler in Calabasas to a stint in the Marine Corps — and continues today as a purple belt under Jean Jacques Machado — Joey Hauss’ grappling journey is an evolving tale that seeks to find the intersection between inspirational growth and dedicated hard work.  During his days as a wrestler, Joey established a mantra that would set the tone for his future grappling career: “the harder you work, the more you will get out of it.” 

This mentality would prove useful during his time with the US Marines, as Joey was often singled out and given the honor of representing his platoon during grappling exhibitions (not only against other platoons in the Marines, but also soldiers from other countries like Peru, Ecuador, Canada, and Brazil).  After serving his country, Joey returned home to wrestle under the NCAA Division I National Champion, Paul Keysaw, and ultimately found a new challenge in emerging sport of competitive jiu-jitsu.  Over the past several years, Joey has competed on the professional circuit at Grappler’s Quest and twice at the Eddie Bravo Invitational, recently earning a championship from MMA Events Inc

Joey currently serves as a middle school wrestling coach with Beat the Streets and also works closely with Dream Jiu Jitsu to promote their well-respected kids program.  Additionally, Joey hopes to continue paying it forward by bringing his extensive grappling experience to world of producing tournaments designed specifically for grapplers — while also continuing to help out with the production of EBI (an organization he has been proud to work with since its inception). 

Joey is also a co-founder of the Los Angeles Jiu Jitsu Club and was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.


octavio villanueva

Whether it’s seeing the world through a viewfinder or traveling to exotic locales in person, our lead photographer, Octavio Villanueva, has a real eye for finding the types of experiences that live life to the fullest. 

Through his jiu-jitsu photography, Octavio not only looks to capture the candid moments that sometimes get lost by the wayside, but also hopes to be reflective of the positive change and influence the gentle art has brought to his own life. 

As a professional videographer and editor — with extensive work within the broadcast industry — Octavio has lent his considerable skill to help cover events like EBI, FIVE Grappling, and GLORY Kickboxing

No matter the form — be it, still frame or film — it is Octavio’s goal to find new and creative ways to engage grappling fans and invite them to take a journey through his lens.  



Raf esparza

As one-half of the popular grappling and MMA podcast, Verbal Tap, Raf Esparza is a writer/performer who brings his extensive background in comedy, late night television, and broadcasting to the world of grappling.  

A regular presence at grappling tournaments, Raf can typically be seen interviewing grapplers of all skill levels, helping them find new and unique ways of sharing their jiu-jitsu experiences.  Specializing in the art of media training for new athletes and helping experienced jiu-jitsu superstars create and shape their narratives, Raf excels at producing the kinds of interviews that stray from convention and force athletes to go "off-script."

In addition to his popular interviews, Raf has served as the lead play-by-play commentator for the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, the Breakdown Invitational, and the Newaza Challenge -- and has also had his writing about the gentle art featured in Jits Magazine and Studio MMA.   

When he's not on the mats, Raf enjoys making really stupid memes, video editing, punching up speeches, and writing jokes.  Raf has previously served as a contributing writer for The Tonight Show and also writes and executive produces his own monthly talk show Early Late Night and a pro wrestling podcast entitled Heel Section.